the local bus from HCMC go directly to my lodge (the cheapest one)

The distance between HCMC and Cat Tien National Park is 150 km therefore it will take 4 hours from HCMC to my lodge
From Hotel from HCMC you take a taxi go to Mien Dong bus station ( Ben Xe Mien Dong link google map )  at window 3 or 6  you can buy ticket ( 80 000 VND per ticket ) for a small minivan name Be (phone number: 02513795421)
or Kim Hoan ( phone number: 02513791133) which drop you in front of my lodge no need motorbike taxi ( Xe om)

This text was written in Vietnamese language, please show it to someone when you at Mien Dong bus station he/she will show where is the ticket counter.
Chúng tôi muốn đi nam cát tiên anh/chị làm ơn chỉ cho chúng tôi chỗ để mua vé xe Kim Hoàn hoặc xe Bé đi Nam Cát Tiên
Tôi cảm ơn!

The minivan is quite crowded and uncomfortable (the seat and space quite small for foreigner).
The minivan will stop many times to pick more guests please wait until the last bus station.
It isn’t suitable with kids. Sometimes they change minivan in middle of nowhere which make you confuse please just follow their guide.
The latest bus start from Mien Dong bus station to my lodge is 3 PM
In special occasions such as Tet holiday, Independence day… the price will increase 15%
Seclude of  Kim Hoan bus: 7:30 am, 9:30am, 11;30am, 13:40am  

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