Dao Tien Endangered Primate Species Centre

Dao Tien Endangered Primate Species Centre Rescuing endangered primates and helping them to return to the wild.More Info +

Ta Lai village to Crocodile lake red trail

all around cat tien national park in one day More Info +

trieu hai waterfall

trieu hai waterfall More Info +

wildlife boat tour

Green Hope Lodge is located right next to Dong Nai riverMore Info +

Night safari

Night spotting is the easiest way to see mammalsMore Info +

red trail

The trek begins with a ride from the HQ to Suoi Da VangMore Info +

Ecological trail

short trek with guide More Info +

HQ to Ta Lai Minority Village

Visiting Tai Lai Minority Village is both a cultural experience and an adventure into natural history.More Info +

Bird watching tour

Cat Tien is still one of the best birding sites in VietnamMore Info +

Wild Gibbon Trek Nam Cat Tien

one of highlight tours in Cattien national parkMore Info +

Trekking Green Hill and Bat Cave

Green Hill is a hill located in Cat Tien National Park, surrounded by Ta Lai ethnic community. If you like boat riding, forest trekking, exploring caves, learning native culture and survival skills, then this tour is definitely for you.More Info +

Visiting Tien Island and Bear center

On the beautiful island, 5 minutes up stream in boat from Park Headquarter, you arrive at Tien Island. in front of the park head-quarter is the bear rescue center More Info +

Trekking to Crocodile Lake

Crocodile Lake- Nam Cat Tien National Forest, from the past times until now still is the dream destination of many tourists and photographers in the country and abroad.More Info +