Wild Gibbon Trek Nam Cat Tien

You need to arrive at the ferry at 4:45 am and go to the headquarter of the park. The tour guide will then take you to a listening post, where you wait for the gibbons to start singing. Here you can relax on hammocks and take in the vast array of wildlife that surrounds you. As the nocturnal animals are all going to bed and the day-dwellers are rising, this is the perfect time for viewing opportunities of Cat Tien's rich wildlife.
Potential sightings can include sambar deer, mouse deer, wild boar, black-shanked douc and pigtailed macaque troops, as well as a huge array of birds and invertebrates. Once the gibbons start to sing, you will be guided to their location, where they are comfortable with you watching their normal day-to-day activities such as feeding, resting and travelling.
The length of the viewing is dependent on the gibbons, but whether this experience lasts for a few minutes or for several hours, it is still a rare and magical sight that will leave you completely in awe of these beautiful creatures. This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime, wildlife experience.
Time: 4:45 am – 7:30 am
Price: 52 USD per person (including leech socks, leech cream, and entrance fee).
How to book: Contact email  phamdacluan1992@gmail.com or Whatsapp +84972184683
Important note:
  • The gibbon tour is nonrefundable, if you miss the first morning you’ll have another chance the next morning to do it for free.
  • The minimum age for those taking part in this tour is 10 years old.
  • The park does not guarantee that you can see gibbons.
  • For forest trekking, you must wear good walking shoes and leech socks. You should wear long trousers and a long-sleeved shirt, both in neutral colors (i.e. not white or bright colors). Bring your binoculars if possible.
  • You may bring your own camera, but pictures/videos taken during the tour are allowed for personal use only.