Mui Ne To Cat Tien By Bus

  • If you start from Mũi Né, it’s rather complicated. You have to take 2 buses then a taxi to get to our lodge.
  • From Mui Ne, please tell your hotel receptionist: "I want to take a bus to Dau Giay intersection, please book me a bus ticket and tell the bus driver to drop me off at Dau Giay intersection."
  • At Dau Giay intersection you can take any bus that goes to Da Lat, then ask the bus driver to drop you off at km142 junction (this location). (Vietnamese: Xuống ngã ba 142.)
  • Please provide me with the phone number of the bus driver, I will arrange a taxi to pick you up at km142 junction.
  • The trip from Mui Ne to Dau Giay intersection takes around 3.5 to 4 hours (150 Km).
  • The trip from Dau Giay intersection to Madagui junction takes around 1.5 hours (75 km).
  • The price for a taxi is 300 000 VND.
  • You should buy a Vietnamese sim card, and add my phone number +84972184683 (I also use Whatsapp).