Pick up at from national road QL 20

You talk with the receptionist of your hotel you stay in HCMC that you want to book a bus from HCMC to Bao Loc (in Vietnamese: Bảo Lộc) 
There are 3 buses options:
FUTA bus or Phuong Trang bus. Name: Thanh Buoi bus Sinh Café

 Time start in HCMC: 5:00 am to 7:00 am every hour; 7:00 am to 23:00 pm every 30 min.
Bus type: sleeping bus only.
Phone number: 19006067
Ticket counter in HCMC:
Please click this  link

Time start in HCMC: 5:00 am to 7:00 am every hour; 7:00 am to 23:00 pm every 30 min.
Bus type: sitting or sleeping bus
Price: sitting bus is cheaper
Phone number: 19006079
Ticket counter in HCMC
Please click this link
Time start: 8:00 am one time only.
Bus type: sitting
Price: cheapest one.
Please click this link
Please tell bus driver drop you at 142km junction (in Vietnamese: Ngã ba 142km) 
Location of 142km junction in google map (600A and QL20)

This text was written in Vietnamese language please show it to bus driver, he will know the place to drop you.
Bác tài cho chúng tôi xuống Ngã ba 142 
In the futa and Thanh buoi bus you can use wifi, my whatapps number is +84972184683
In the case that you don’t have phone or your phone does not work in Vietnam.
You go to a coffee shop nearby buy a cup of coffee and show them this text:
anh chị vui lòng giúp khách gọi vào số này 0613669919 hoặc 0972184683 để khách sạn gọi taxi đón khách
em cảm ơn !
 Or you provide for me two of these information:
  • The time you start at HCMC and the name of Bus Company ( must have)
  • The phone number of bus driver and the plate of the bus via this email: phamdacluan1992@gmail.com
  • The ticket number and your seat number  (when you  buy ticket by yourself, just take a picture of the ticket and send it to me)
  • The phone number was used to book your ticket and the name of person book for you (when you book via agency or receptionist of hotel you stay in HCMC).
I will contact the bus company and ask them the phone number of your bus-driver and arrange a taxi wait for you near the junction in advance.
The price for a taxi is 300 000 VND, the distance from Madagui junction to my lodge is 20 km
If you travel alone and have small luggage I can arrange a motorbike taxi to pick you up at Tai Lai junction ( Tan Phu post office), the price is 150 000 VND